The Cheese Mall Book

Bernie Tracey, author of The Cheese Mall

Bernie Tracey, author of The Cheese Mall

Having worked with enterprise boards and SME companies for a number of years, Bernie Tracey is aware of the many issues that business owners and senior executives face, both in the running of the business but also at the start up stage.

Bernie decided to write The Cheese Mall using fictitious cartoon mice as the budding entrepreneurs, keen to start their own business.  Millie and Matthew seem to have taken on personalities of their own as they work through preparing a business plan for their bank manager Mr. Grudge.  The Cheese Mall takes a step by step approach to the business plan and as the characters explain the different sections of the plan to each  other and how they research and find the relevant information, readers will be able to see how easy it can be to apply it to their own business or business idea.

The Cheese Mall

The Cheese Mall

The book can be read in its entire in an hour or one can dip in and out of it.  Most people tend to read it completely and then review the relevant sections for the implementation of their own business plan.  It is also useful to those who want to review their business at any time.

The Cheese Mall received a glowing endorsement by Senator Feargal Quinn which delighted everyone involved in producing this book. “The Cheese Mall by Bernie Tracey is a must for budding entrepreneurs! It shows you how to go about starting your own business in a sensible step by step method and it demystifiies all jargon.

If you would like to buy The Cheese Mall, it is available in a paperback and as an e-book.


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