The Cheese Mall by Bernie Tracey is a must for budding entrepreneurs! It shows you how to go about starting your own business in a sensible step by step method and it demystifies all jargon! Senator Feargal Quinn

Brilliant book!  I am recommending it to everyone.  What I love about it is how it demystifies all those scary terms; Marketing Strategy; Business Plan; Financials and Branding.  It has changed the feeling these words give me – from forbidding to friendly.  I’m thinking (and stunned to be thinking like this) ‘oh yeah, I get it, I can do that’!  While the author makes it all very simple and logical I was left in no doubt about the hard work involved and the importance of all of these areas for a business.  Genuinely inspiring and empowering.  Thank you for writing it! Una Hearne

This is a great ‘go to’ book for anyone starting a business or indeed anyone encountering difficulty reconciling where they are at in business at any time in their business cycle. Tom Doyle

This book is clear, concise and manages to hold your interest from start to finish. The characters are a wonderful idea allowing the author to introduce a refreshing look at setting up your own business. This book is a must for anyone setting up their own business and also for anyone with an interest in studying business. Mary Riordain

The Cheese Mall is a really worthwhile read for anyone considering setting themselves up in business for the first time. It’s an amusing short story that packs a mountain of essential information into a very small volume. It’s a bit like an MP3 file, where all the dross has been filtered out and you’re just left with the substance. Barbara Dignam

The Cheese Mall more than delivers on its promise to explain the, ‘Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur’. I generally find thralling through business books a ‘painful slog’. However, this book masterfully uses a deceptively simple, heart-warming story-telling style to assist the reader absorb complex material so by the end of the book one feels motivated to begin his/her entpreneurial project. Roslyn Hickey

A great step by step guide for any entrepreneur, with each step being immediately convertible to action, and apart from that , a charming read. Enda Brennan

It is all to easy to ignore a business plan and put it away in a drawer once you are in the throes of your business. What this easy-to-follow book does is remind me to revisit those important aspects of my business plan and review my plans for my business going forward.  The characters, Millie and Matthew, explain it so well and if two mice and do it, so can I!  Lorna Sixsmith


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