The Value of Value Added Benefits

If you are selling something – be it a product or a service – and that will include absolutely everyone in business, what is your value-added? What do you add to your product or your service that adds value, that makes you stand out from the crowd, that makes your business unique, that ensure you can add your value-added benefits to your USP?

Value of Value Added Benefits

  • We offer great variety of product and we ask customers to let us know if there is a product out there that they would like to try and we do our best to source it for them. 
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service but are continually aware that this needs to be constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure we give 110%. We offer service with a smile. 
  • We stock well known brands that promise good quality and we also offer the lesser known, up and coming, new brands too.
  • The quality of our products are second to none. We visit our suppliers regularly, we have high standards that have to be met and we double check everything before it is put on the shelves. Naturally enough too, as cheese lovers, we sample our products quite often too!
  • We offer free local delivery too – and find that older shoppers and young adults using public transport, tend to avail of this service.
  • We open late two evenings a week, on Thursday and Fridays.
  • We offer personalised cheese cake birthday cakes now too and these have been going down a treat.
  • Very soon, we are going to be offering birthday parties. Once the playground is open nearby, children will be able to come in and don their aprons, make various shaped cookies and cheese cakes, decorate them and have a good time. They will eat in the cafe and then return to collect their baking before heading off to the playground. We really do offer something for all ages.

The concept behind value-added is simple. The more value added benefits you can give a customer, the more satisfied they will be.  People going into business selling a product need to recognise that they aren’t just selling that product. In order to be successful, they need to be including value added benefits as well. A successful coffee shop doesn’t just serve good coffee, they serve it with a smile. A successful social media consultant doesn’t just sell social media training, they have to be adaptable, understanding, be capable of speaking in a language their ‘student’ will understand, be available to answer queries, offer follow up training and much more.

What value do these value added benefits have for your business? They provide you with loyal customers, they help you to stand out from your competitors, they bring you recommendations and more business, they improve your bottom line.

What value added benefits do you offer your customers?


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