Time Management & Staffing Issues in Business

I’m sitting at home feeling a bit poorly as I’m typing this, all nice and cosy in bed with a hot water bottle. I’m feeling guilty that I’m not working so blogging is the next best thing!

Time Management and Staffing Issues in Business

Time Management and Staffing Issues in Business

As I mentioned in my ‘Time management’ post two weeks ago, Matthew and I have been working on improving our time management and some aspects are working well. However, he has a new girlfriend and I can understand that he wants to spend as much time as he can with her but almost every evening!!  We have to hold all our meetings in work-time now which I guess makes us more focused whereas previously we were working all day and then making our business decisions in informal meetings at home in the evenings.

We now have a daily meeting during our morning coffee break and while we meet on our own twice a week, we also meet with members of other departments on the other days so it is working quite well.  We meet with Accounts on a Monday to discuss the previous week’s turnover and how we can improve going forward. On Wednesdays, we meet with Retail to discuss future campaigns, special offers, ordering stock, stock-taking.  Friday is the turn of the little cafe and we discuss aspects such as promotions for the following week as well as profit and loss!  Our latest offer of a coffee and cheese scone for €3 has worked really well so we are looking at expanding on these combo offers.

Matthew’s girlfriend is ‘between jobs’ at the moment so he suggested getting her in to cover for me today while I am poorly. I’m a little concerned about it to be honest, she doesn’t have any retail or customer service experience so I’m really hoping I don’t have to spend tomorrow picking up the pieces. Maybe I’m being too harsh and pessimistic but I’m just not hopeful about it working out.  I’ve a feeling Matthew would like to hire her full-time when we expand and I wouldn’t be happy with having the two love birds working side by side – can you imagine the trauma and tense atmosphere if they split up?

Am I being too harsh? I suppose time will tell and I’ll find out more tomorrow. Check out our facebook page to find out how it all goes 🙂

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