What’s The Difference Between Goals & Objectives?

Happy New Year everyone. Did you have a great Christmas and new year? Were you happy with your end of year sales?

We’re busy setting our goals for 2013 and beyond at the moment. I’ve noticed that so many people are writing blog posts at the moment advising people to set goals, not new year resolutions, both in their business and in their personal lives. New year resolutions suggests a behavioural shift that might be too extreme for success and that is largely the cause of their failure.

What’s The Difference Between Goals & Objectives?

I can remember when we were writing our business plan, I kept getting confused regarding the difference in goals and objectives Matthew explained it in a very easy-to-follow way.

A Goal is an outcome, it is something you want to accomplish, to achieve.  The goals should be specific, realistic and achievable, eg. one of our key goals was to implement an ‘Internet Marketing Strategy’.

The Objectives are the actions and steps required to achieve the goal. The easiest way to do it is to have three columns, the first showing WHAT needs to be done, what steps need to be taken. The second column would show WHO is going to do it so responsibility has been allocated. The third column should indicate WHEN it will be completed by.

As we projected, our goals and objectives tended to change and had to be constantly reviewed. Having them written down helps us focus, makes us review and if necessary, change the goal posts. It is all about evaluating your performance too and planning your improvements.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy expanded beyond this blog, facebook and twitter. We’ve set up a pinterest account and recently enjoyed taking part in a virtual book tour with six different business bloggers writing reviews about our book which was incredibly exciting. Our Internet Marketing Strategy for 2013 is going to have even clearer goals and objectives but one of the exciting things about social media is that as it constantly changes and evolves, it provides us with more ideas and functionality!

Apart from our goals for the shop, we have a goal to increase our book sales to a certain number.  One of our objectives will be brought into play next week as we will use Pinterest to host a competition and see how it increases brand awareness, click throughs to the website and ultimately, sales. We look forward to sharing our experience of a Pinterest contest with you soon.

Have you set your goals and objectives for 2013?

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