Pre-Christmas Marketing Reaps Rewards

The Cheese MallWe were overwhelmed with the responses to our virtual book tour. All of the six bloggers loved it and each of them focused on different aspects of The Cheese Mall: Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur. What we really appreciated is that they all included their appreciation of marketing concepts of being quite difficult, yet they are written about in such an easy-to-follow, step-by-step and fun method, that the difficult concepts are demystified and made simple for all budding entrepreneurs. Exactly what we set out to do so it seemed like all our Christmases have come at once.

Write on Track held a book giveaway and the winning commentator was Marian Hearne of Herbi & Carni so we’re delighted to be posting  a copy of The Cheese Mall to Marian and hope she enjoys it.

We’d also like to thank Lorna and Marie of Write on Track for organising the book tour so well for us and finding bloggers for us from all around the world, thereby ensuring that our target audience of business owners or start ups were hearing about us.

On another note, we’re noticing that customers are being very careful with their money this Christmas. We’ve been creating lots of cheese and wine hampers in a variety of different price points so they are accessible to more people. I was looking at one hamper website the other day and they had a huge range of hampers but they were all very similar in price.  I know we can’t be all things to all people but we’ve tried to have a selection to suit most purses.  Customers do love to give practical and useful presents and our hampers have the added benefit of being tasty too so they’ve been going down well. They’re a lovely gift for a host or hostess too.

We’ve been using social media to spread brand awareness too which has helped enormously. Many customers tell us they have become fans on facebook and they seem to enjoy getting to know us better both offline and online.

Father Christmas is located quite near us too which is an added benefit, parents look in our window as they are queuing to see him and then come in to buy once the children have seen the great man in red. We have hired some extra staff, ensuring they are well trained in customer service before they go onto the shop floor. As always, customer service is one of our number one priorities.

How are your Christmas preparations going?  Have you set your goals and targets for 2013? Have you reviewed your 2012 goals and established what you will do different and better in 2013?

In our blog post next week, we’ll share our marketing secrets with you for 2013!

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