The Cheese Mall Book Goes On a Virtual Book Tour

We have exciting news to share with you this week. Our book is going to be profiled by 6 bloggers in a virtual blog tour. Each blogger will either review The Cheese Mall: Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur or they may examine one chapter or section in more detail. We have no idea what they will write so while it is really exciting, it is also a little nerve-wracking!

Organised by Lorna and Marie of Write on Track, our book is profiled first on their Booked In website which contains information on the book and a link to each of the six bloggers.  Just as an author of a newly published book may visit bookstores for book signings and to launch their book and promote sales, virtual book tours via blogs are becoming a new and popular method for authors to promote their books, particularly if they are self published.  Bloggers receive a copy of the book and write their post on an appointed day.  The bloggers are chosen for the suitability to the subject matter of the book, their writing style, their readership as well as other reasons.  A blog tour for your book is a great way to reach a whole new audience in whatever country you may wish to reach or indeed, appoint a blogger in each continent!

A blog tour normally lasts for a week, one each day.  Ours is running Wednesday to Wednesday with 6 bloggers. We’d really appreciate if you could take part by reading the reviews, commenting on the blogs, asking questions and supporting each of the following bloggers:

Wed 28 November: Olwen Dawe, Irish Business Intelligence

Thur 29 November: The Marketing Eggspert

Friday 30 November: Sage Social

Monday 3 December: Moira Geary Mind Experts Academy

Tuesday 4 December: Julia Barnickle Digital Business Development

Wednesday 5 December: Write On Track *

*To mark the end of the virtual book tour, Write on Track will be giving away a copy of The Cheese Mall to one lucky winner.

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