Young Enterpreneurs – Are You One?

I have some exciting news today. We have been asked to revisit our old school and do some work with the students embarking on the ‘Students Enterprise Awards’ programme. I was stunned when we were asked, after all, we haven’t been in business for that long.  The principal said that he was so impressed with ‘The Cheese Mall’ book, he really wanted us to share our expertise and our experience with the students.

I’m not sure yet whether they want us to do a one-off presentation to the group of students or if they want us to work with a small group on a more regular basis.  I’m loving that we have even been asked and it made me consider our  own education a little more. Even though we set up a food stall during our holidays, we never considered setting up our own business. This programme wasn’t available then and we simply presumed that we would follow our dad and many of our contemporaries  into the cheese factory. We’d probably still be there if we hadn’t been made redundant which propelled us into action.  I think it is wonderful to see that teenagers have this opportunity while in school, that they can experiment with setting up a business as a team and have so much support and knowledge available to them.  There’s even prizes for the winners too!

There are ten modules in the programme. This week, they are exploring ‘The Team’ and will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team, what it takes to create a strong team and how to identify your own skills so you can take on the responsibilities best suited to you within that team.

Identifying our own skills and strengths was something we ironed out very early on. Take social media for example, it is such an important part of our marketing that it is an essential tool. Matthew and I came to the conclusion very quickly that I would be more disciplined and that I would engage with people more, hence, I have this role within our team.

I may be blowing our own trumpet here, yet I think that our book would be a really useful addition to each student as they embark on this exciting journey.  Have you read it yet? Do you think it helped your business planning?

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