Successful and Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

We’re fairly young still. We’re only 25. Yet, when I see the entrepreneurship in some teenagers, I am simply blown away.

When Matthew and I were sixteen and we couldn’t find a summer job because of the recession that summer, we set up a stall for three weeks in the Mouseville festival. It was a little like a pop-up shop for the three weeks. We baked every morning and sold our breads, cakes and tarts. Mum made jam and let us sell it for her too.  It was our first taste of entrepreneurship really. The experience gave us a good sense of how to balance our books too. Each day we would work out the cost of the ingredients, the cost of the stall, our turnover and then determine our profits and work out how much we could pay ourselves.

Sales and Marketing BookIt is wonderful to see young people learning these skills in their transition year in school and I know the Student Enterprise Awards will be starting for them soon. It is a pity though that our marketing book isn’t easily available for them unless they find it on our website and buy it online. I really believe it is written in such an easy-to-follow step-by-step approach that it would be a great tool for student entrepreneurs, their teachers and their parents to help them succeed.

We mentioned the Little Bag Lady a couple of weeks ago and I really admire Chloe’s entrepreneurial spirit – to think she started up her business when she was only 12.

I also loved this story of 3 young entrepreneurs from Cork, all aged 17, who created Oceanaboost, a healthy drink containing antioxidants from seaweed and winning many business awards in the process.

And have you heard the story of Tara Haughton, the 16 year old who created a hugely successful businesses creating stick on coloured soles onto shoes – so everyone can have ‘designer shoes’.

I wonder how many more young entrepreneurs will create successful businesses during the coming school year.  If you know one, do tell them to get a copy of our sales and marketing book as it really will help with their business planning.  We wish we had it when we were 16!

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