Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We have been thinking about our CSR ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ lately.  After all, we are lucky to be doing what we love, to be reasonably well treated in our country in return for our taxes. We work hard at being self employed and we love it.  Now that we are almost a year in business, it is time for us to give a little bit back.

We’re both going to look into this. Matthew likes the idea of sponsoring a children’s football or basketball team so he’s going to investigate that.  I’m very passionate about green energy and recycling so I’d like The Cheese Mall to contribute in some way toward recycling and awareness about being eco-friendly.  Of course, we have to consider how we can promote our own brand within it all too, for example, the children’s football team could have our name on their shirts.

Recycling Bags is so important

I was chatting to the Little Bag Lady recently and it is shocking to hear some statistics again.  I had thought people were re-using bags more and using their own bags rather than using plastic supermarket ones but there are still one million plastic bags consumed globally per minute!  Apart from the waste on the product and the increased litter, marine wildlife mistake the plastic bags for food and then die.

The Little Bag Lady supplies cotton bags that not only look great and are reusable but they can be personalised too.  See the picture above of a bag she did for us as a sample – do you like it?  We could encourage people to recycle by reusing their bags when doing their shopping, we would provide each bag free if a customer spends over €20 and if people are using the bags when out shopping, other shoppers will see our logo and it will help with our brand awareness. So it’s a win win situation.

I’d also like to commend the Little Bag Lady for her business idea as she really is ‘little’ as in young. It is wonderful to see such entrepreneurship in teenagers.

Do you have a CSR policy? Do share your stories with us.

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