Business Planning for the Future

It’s been such a busy week since I got back from holidays that I’ve scarcely had a chance to do anything beyond think about our goals and objectives for our plans to set up a franchise. What I have done though is to set up an appointment with one of our mentors, The Beacon Coach, for next Wednesday morning. That appointment is now in both our diaries so it means that we have to leave the shop behind and concentrate on the task in hand with a mentor to advise and steer us, as well as ensure that we stay on task! We have such a bad habit of veering off topic when it is just the two of us talking about the business.

We used a number of different advisors when compiling our business plan.  As Matthew noted a couple of weeks ago, it is better to create your own business plan and make it a working document rather than hire a business consultant to write it for you. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get help from others to help you in the creation of your business plan.  We contacted our local enterprise board and they helped us, plus we met The Beacon Coach regularly, not to mention our logo designer, and Write on Track gave us some tips on social media towards the end too. Never be afraid to ask for help and that goes for anything to do with your business, not just the business plan.

Something else we want to work on is the entering of business awards. We have noticed that businesses that win (or are even runner up) awards get lots of PR – from interviews on local radio to photos in the local press and if it is a national awards, they get some national press too. Not only is it free but it really brings the message of quality to new and potential customers.

Do you have a blog for your business? Do you think it is a good idea to blog about your business planning process? I’m looking forward to writing about our planning for our franchise here on the blog and I hope you’ll come along for the journey and chip in with your comments – they will be very much appreciated.

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