Building on our Time Management Skills

Did you sense that I was feeling frazzled when I wrote last week’s post – due to feeling busy, overwhelmed, guilt and generally a lack of effective time management.  Can you remember back to your first year in business – did that happen to you sometimes? If you are starting out in business, perhaps you can read this blog as an example of ‘what not to do’ as well as ‘what to do’ for your first year in business!

I’m so glad I started this blog – it is partly to share our experiences with other people in business, and to share what we learnt as we put together our business plan and the book ‘The Cheese Mall‘ but this blog is partly for us too. It records our business journey, our marketing successes as well as our failures, the learning curve we are experiencing and the fun we have along the way too.


Not Enough HoursI started reading Owen Fitzpatrick’s book ‘Not Enough Hours’ last week in order to learn more about time management and pick up some tips and skills.  While I still have to finish it, I really did pick up some golden nuggets of information that I’d like to share with you:

  • I get distracted by all the things that Owen mentioned – emails, iphone notifications, members of staff popping into the office for ten minutes and before I know where I am, the task that was going to take an hour is still waiting after three hours! I need to switch off my email alerts, switch the phone to silent and give myself an hour or two of uninterrupted focus and then give myself the time to catch up on emails and messages.
  • I’m going to move my desk in the work office so that no-one can catch my eye as they walk past the office. I wonder will it help?
  • I also need to create a ‘closed list’ every day. My to-do list is ridiculously long and I’m left with a feeling of inadequacy at the end of every day when I look at the number of tasks remaining.  If I prioritise my tasks for each day and create a new ‘closed’ list that I accomplish each day, I will feel much more satisfied with my achievements at the end of each working day.
  • Apparently I’m a workaholic too – I’ll work through lunch and late into the evening.  My reluctance to take a week off next week shows that I find it difficult to let go of responsbility. I might even be addicted to work. I need to put more trust in others, I need to get away for at least one afternoon a week, start a new hobby. If I’m working from home, I should work for a limited time in the office rather than sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my knee and the television on in the background. Then, when I do take time off, it feels like well deserved relaxation.

Do you think any of these time management tips would work for you too? Do you find yourself short of time, struggling to meet that life/work/family balance?  It has convinced me that I need to go on holidays next week and I’m really looking forward to both the holiday and coming back in two weeks, feeling refreshed and raring to go with new ideas. Matthew will be blogging 🙂

Millie x

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