The Cheese Mall is on Pinterest

I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks with Matthew stepping in to write some blog posts. We’ve decided to share the blog writing for now on so that we both write up our experiences of running a business, trying to market our business as cost effectively as possible and yet getting good results. I’ll probably write more often than Matthew but you never know, he seemed to take to it. I really enjoyed reading his posts about customer service, did you?

I’ve been enjoying some more mentoring sessions. Honestly, I can’t put a price on the advice that we receive from our mentors who are so knowledgeable and yet talk about all the information in such a user-friendly, easy to understand, non jargon way. This time, I had a session with Lorna of Write on Track who gave me some tips on pinterest and helped me to set up an account. She has written lots of blog posts about pinterest on her website but nothing beats being able to sit down with her and have her talk me through it.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and it has grown by over 4000% in recent months. So many businesses are now pinning their products to it, hoping that they will be ‘repinned’ (which means shared) so that lots more people will see them and it will drive traffic to their website, improve brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales. Pinterest is a marketing tool that has endless eyecandy!

Lorna is going to show me how to monitor our marketing results on pinterest in a couple of weeks once I’ve grown accustomed to it but for now, here’s some of the tips she imparted to me:

  • Use a keyword in your descriptor
  • Use appropriately named boards (so people can find them)
  • Pin little and often (don’t bombast your followers with hundreds of pins in an hour)
  • Follow back those who follow you
  • Don’t self promote. True pinning is about sharing the eye candy and the experience so Lorna suggested that about 20% of my pins can be our products such as our cheeses and of course our book and 80% should be repins. This will show that we are sharing and that we are interested in others but will also lead to engagement, relationships and show others our personality (so I can ‘pin’ pretty clothes and jewellry to my heart’s content too!)
I have a lot more to learn but for now, I’m going to enjoy using pinterest and will keep an eye on our google analytics to see if we are getting traffic as a result. Are you on pinterest yet? Do follow us if you are and we will follow you back.

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