Pinterest for Marketing

‘What is Marketing?’  That is a question we asked ourselves many times along with ‘What is the best way to Market your business?’, ‘What is Effective Marketing?’, and ‘How to Market your business online?’

We’ve answered many of these questions in our book. However, we still come across challenges every week that make us revisit parts of our business plan, make adjustments to our sales and marketing, think afresh and look for more information.

Have you heard of Pinterest? We hadn’t until we had a session with a new mentor, Lorna at Write on Track who teaches businesses how to blog effectively for their business and use other social media platforms to drive traffic to their websites and convert into sales.

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is an online pinboard or noticeboard whereby you can pin pictures you like into various categories of boards. The beauty is that these are online and can be shared. Not only that, but others can see your products, repin them (which means their followers can see them), like them, and hopefully click on the image which should bring them to your website.

How do they come to your website?  One of the beauties of pinterest is that the images are traceable. Once the images are ‘pinned’ from your website, they will always contain the link within them to bring people back to your site.  As you can see with the image above, as we embedded it into our blog post, it also shows the source.

Apparently, this is the fastest growing social media platform of all time with females in the 25-44 age group as the main users.  Imagine the opportunities for wedding dress designers as so many brides, who would have traditionally used scrap books for their inspiration files, can now set up various boards for the different categories for their wedding and go searching for beautiful images.

We had to consider many questions –

  • Could we use Pinterest to help us market our business?
  • If we ‘pin’ images of our cheese, would it help with brand awareness?
  • Would others repin pictures of our cheeses?
  • Would pinning pictures of our packaging as well as the cheese drive traffic?
  • Would it help to build awareness of our sales and marketing book too?

We decided to do a little research by searching for various foods on pinterest and seeing what the results are before we invest time into setting up an account. I was amazed by the number of pictures of cheeses in various packaging that came up when I searched for ‘cheese packaging’. Apart from giving us some ideas for new packaging, it was interesting to see that this is a reasonably popular category. Who would have thought?!

Here’s a picture of one of my favourite examples of lovely packaging for cheese. Love the ‘old-fashioned’ nature of it and the shape.

Have you used Pinterest yet for your business?  If you have, is it sending traffic to your site? Is it resulting in sales?  If you haven’t, do check out the various blog posts on pinterest at the Write on Track site – so much useful information.

I definitely think we’ll be setting up a pinterest account – our starting categories will be cheese, cheese packaging, food packaging, business planning and Marketing books. After all, it must be good for building brand awareness of good business books too.  Off I go for another break (hmmm, I mean tiring and arduous research) to Pinterest.

Until next week,

Millie x

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