Marketing Your Product: The Importance of Packaging

Following on from last week’s post on Qualitative Data when we looked at the importance of packaging and how poor packaging might be affecting the performance of sales in two of our cheeses, both of which taste wonderful but are supplied by a new artisan cheese producer, we are going to look at it again in the blog as we feel good packaging is important for the success of all products and we would love your thoughts on it.

We had a session with our sales and marketing coach, The Beacon Coach, this week. As always, we came away feeling inspired, motivated and much more knowledgeable.  Matthew had suggested trying to get a celebrity to endorse these fabulous cheeses and then we could put his or his picture or quote on the packaging but as The Beacon Coach pointed out, while we may hear of websites crashing due to the amount of traffic they receive if Stephen Fry includes a link to their website in a tweet, in reality it can be very difficult and/or very expensive to get a celebrity to endorse a product. It would be wonderful to have Mickey Mouse or Justin Bieber endorse one or more of our cheeses but in reality, it isn’t really going to happen.

The Beacon Coach told us to check out the blog ‘Bia Beag‘ (means Small Food), written by Keith Bohanna, it looks at various small food producers, the food they produce and their packaging. We really enjoyed reading the guest post by Liz Maybury who explains her thought processes behind the design of the labels for Bacon Jam.

We really liked the typography, the inclusion of the tagline ‘it’s a relish’ about the name and the picture of the pig is great. We also liked the embolding of various words amongst the text of suggestions for how to use it. After all, there may be quite a few people who aren’t sure about how to use Bacon Jam!

Bacon Jam Packaging

It certainly gave us plenty of food for thought. It is one thing creating the actual food product and ensuring it tastes as good as it possibly can. Getting the packaging right for a new product is incredibly important and not as easy as it sounds.

Perfecting one’s sales and marketing techniques (or trying to perfect them) means that one is always trying to think ahead. It certainly means we never get bored and I’m so glad we put so much preparation into our business plan before we started as we now have the time and the clear thinking as well as contacts with mentors to be able to deal with any little hiccups or new planning as they come up.

What is also nice is that people come and tell us that they really enjoyed reading our book on sales and marketing, that it was so easy to follow and they continually dip into it even though they have been in business some time. We met a lady last week who won a copy when we first launched it and she told us it was of great help when she expanded her business which delighted us.

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