Qualitative Data & The Importance of Packaging

It seemed as though the Jubilee celebrations were worldwide last weekend, not just confined to Britain and as we saw so many union jack flags and bunting, not to mention so much memorabilia on display and for sale, it got us thinking about our own packaging.

Matthew has started calling me a nerd but even he has to admit that when I revisit our business plan, it usually sparks a really good idea that then works to solve a problem or promote sales.  This week I revisited the ‘Qualitative Data‘ part of our business plan where we had researched why some customers prefer one shop over another and one product over another. We had published our findings within our business plan, tying it all together with our 5 P’s.

Having noticed last week that two particular cheeses weren’t selling so well, I decided to investigate. I love a little challenge or a problem to solve. Having eliminated price, product placement, product itself from the list, I was stumped.  The price was comparable with other cheeses, it shared the same display cabinet, it itself is a lovely cheese – why wasn’t it selling?

Seeing all the flags out for the jubilee got me thinking so I turned to the internet for some research and I found this picture by Mr. Kipling.

Isn’t it clever how they have changed the packaging, changed their slogan slightly, altered the colours of the icing and I love the way the little soldiers are marching along as though the Mr. Kipling cake is so important, it requires pomp and circumstance. Very clever and yes, looking at it makes me want to buy one of those special edition packets of cakes. Even the crowds of people are clamouring to see the Mr. Kipling cake. When I showed it to Matthew, he wanted to play with the tin soldiers!

I am going to put my thinking cap on and work with our suppliers of this cheese to see if we can alter the packaging. They are a new business and I think their packaging and branding is a little weak which could be affecting sales.  We may need something special to place it in the limelight such as tie it in with an upcoming national event or perhaps even get a celebrity to endorse it – now that would be something! Packaging is so important to any product.

We know that readers of our blog are either writing their business plans or are operating businesses of their own so we’d love your help on this. Any thoughts on packaging would be most welcome so do leave any ideas in the comment box, they would be most appreciated.

Until next week,

Millie xx

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