Building Your Brand Awareness

Building your brand is a challenge for every new business. We devoted a chapter to it in our book ‘The Cheese Mall’ and we describe it as the DNA of our business. It is our brand reputation and our customers’ brand loyalty to us that will largely determine our success and the future of our business.

We decided at the outset that our business wasn’t just about selling cheese but it is a retail experience that has something for so many of our different target markets. However, we need to stay in contact with our customers to ensure that we communicate with them and discover if we aren’t meeting their needs or if indeed, their needs change so we are ready to meet their requirements.

We use this blog to communicate with other entrepreneurs, to advise other start up businesses and those already in business about what we have learnt along our journey. If you are a start up business, we hope that you are finding it useful particularly if you are starting research for your own business plan.

However, we can also use so many social networking platforms to communicate with our customers and receive feedback from them.

Why we use Facebook:

We use facebook to inform our customers and engage with them. We promote this in the shop with some ‘Find us on facebook‘ stickers and it is mentioned on our receipts and leaflets too. All our customers have to do is search for ‘The Cheese Mall’ and then like our business page. It is really important that businesses check their facebook page twice daily so they can respond to any updates left by customers. If they happen to be negative, then it is good if the business are seen to respond to them quickly and if they are positive (which they usually are) you can say ‘thank you’ and it gives you a really good start to the day. Of course, we also use our facebook page to inform other businesses about marketing strategies and customer service.

How does Twitter help us to build our brand?

Twitter is another social media tool that we use and we enjoy.  We find that our followers on twitter are a mixture of friends, customers at The Cheese Mall, business owners, start up businesses, entrepreneurs and of course, cheese-lovers.  We found it a little difficult to grasp twitter at first but once we started engaging with other tweeters and partaking in conversations, we realised that twitter is perhaps the most sociable of all the social media tools.

How does twitter help us to build our brand you may ask. Well, we find it drives traffic to this blog and to our website where people can buy the book. It also helps to spread brand awareness so people realise that we’re not just about selling cheese but we’ve also learnt a lot about marketing strategies and business plans and are very willing to pass that knowledge on to others.

Do you use social media platforms to create brand awareness and work on building your brand?

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