Reviews of ‘The Cheese Mall’

Did you know that Senator Feargal Quinn, fomerly of Superquinn and host of the Retail Therapy series on RTE 1 television gave our book a glowing endorsement when he read it? We were delighted that it came just in time for us to put it on the back cover and we were so grateful to him as he was very generous in doing so.

The Cheese Mall by Bernie Tracey is a must for budding entrepreneurs! It shows you how to go about starting your own business in a sensible step by step method and it demystifies all jargon.

Since the book has been published, we have received lots of lovely reviews from readers, many of them business people who agreed with Feargal Quinn about its explanations of marketing and many other concepts to be clear, concise and easily understood. We’ve even put them into their own ‘Reviews’ page on this blog.

If you have read the book, we would love to hear what you thought. Do let us know in a comment.  If you have yet to read it, did you know that you can purchase The Cheese Mall online either as an ebook or as a paperback?

Feargal Quinn’s Retail Therapy programme is on RTE 1 tonight at 8:30 as he revisits some shops he helped in the past. I wonder what he would say if he visited our Cheese Mall, I’d love to meet him in person.

Till the next blog post, Millie x

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3 Responses to Reviews of ‘The Cheese Mall’

  1. Lorna says:

    It was a fantastic endorsement to get for your brilliant marketing book, well done.

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