Our Social Media Marketing – Marks out of Ten?

Matthew wants to say hello so here he is.  Handsome chap don’t you think?  I really feel bad about the blog and it just shows that a marketing strategy is also needed for our social media marketing. Once the business became busy, we tended to let our social media slide and this is probably what other businesses do too.  I cannot believe my last entry was October 2011 when the shop opened and I put in a picture of the Mayor of Mouseville cutting the ribbon.  It has been a rollercoaster journey since then and I think it is only now that I am back to some kind of normality.

So much has happened since the Grand Opening of the Cheese Mall.  We were communicating with customers and potential customers on our Facebook page and Twitter account. We found that it was easier to make our communication effective within those social media platforms as the comments were shorter and of course, with Twitter, they are limited to 140 characters. As we meet customers face to face in the shop, we were able to monitor our customer relationship management but we do need to concentrate on our social media marketing too particularly if we are going to expand.

We made so many mistakes in the first three months that are too embarrassing to write down.  Talk about amateurs.  Our saving grace was the Internet.   Each time we needed to know something we asked the web community via the twitter page and they always came up trumps for us.

We lost a lot of money in bad stock management,  We bought in too much of some products and not enough of the products that customers wanted.  We are back again to listening.  Now it is not that we were not listening but I think we were just trying to please every one and not paying attention to our bottom line.  You have to strike a balance here and this was a real learning curve for us.

We had a bumper Christmas.  All the gift hampers sold out and guess who decided what went into the hamper – you have it in one – our customers.  We ran a competition asking them to come up with the best hamper and we gave the winner a free hamper.

But we now have to concentrate on sales for 2012 and I’m not going to ask you to give us a mark out of 10 for our social media marketing! Let’s just say ‘must try harder’ has been written on our report card.

LESSON:  Don’t make assumptions about what your customers want.  Build on your customer relationships and ask them, then they will buy. They will also become more loyal as you are listening to them.

Make a social media marketing plan and stick to it, otherwise social media can become neglected.

Nice to be back talking to you again.

Millie 🙂

Don’t forget to check out our The Cheese Mall website  follow us on facebook  and twitter. If you haven’t read our book yet on how we followed various marketing advice to start and launch our business, you can purchase it here as an ebook or as a paperback.

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