Starting a Business

It is all very exciting leading up to the launch of our business but when we finally got there, there you have so many emotions going on our heads like fear and joy all at the one time.

At last The Cheese Mall is open for business.  It was such a momentous day yesterday, 22 October 2011 when the Mayor of Mouseville cut the ribbon and declared The Cheese Mall open.  It was a great day.  We were surrounded by friends and family and my mum and dad were proud parents as they knew that we had sweated blood and tears to make the opening of our shop the success it was.

Yesterday there was a fantastic buzz in the shop.  Lots of customers coming in and out all day checking out the shop and the cash registers were humming.  Of course our competitors made a visit and we welcomed them openly and of course they were having a good snoop around.  Guess they were checking out the new ‘kids on the block’ and I mean it when I say ‘kids’ because they think Matthew and I are two amateurs when it comes to retailing.

Well, they are right there but we might not be experts in retailing just yet but one thing we are expert in is our ability going forward to put our customer at the centre of everything that we will do in the future.

This has been one incredible journey.  It is too early to say whether we made the right decision because I think we are just too tired and excited to really think about anything.

We all enjoyed the vino when the last customer left and the feedback was really tremendous.  We have brought new life to Mouseville and we are very proud of ourselves.

LESSON:  It is not easy starting a business and some times you feel you are sailing against the wind.  But you have to keep sailing though it is hard at times, you will soon reach smooth waters and it will be all worth while.

Don’t forget to check out our The Cheese Mall website  and follow us on facebook  and twitter. If you haven’t read our book yet on how we followed various marketing advice to start and launch our business, you can purchase it here as an ebook or as a paperback.

Cheers 🙂


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