Learning as you Go

Three months ago we were working for a company – three months on we are going to open The Cheese Mall.  When I wrote my first blog post in early May 2011 at that stage we were putting the final touches to our Business Plan.  I cannot believe how far we have come.  The whole experience has been somewhat surreal.

We tweeted once about ‘learning as you go’ along when you are starting up a business and this is what you really have to do.  I feel like I have been in business for years because we have had to make so many decisions in such a short time.

You know when you have to do something, you just do it.  I read a T.S. Elliot quote recently which said  “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.  You know this sums up Matthew and I. We tweeted this quotation to encourage other entrepreneurs.

Although I am feeling very positive, I am finding it difficult to switch off in the evenings.  My mum suggested Yoga.  Sometimes it felt as though we were making one step forward and being pushed back two steps.  Remember I mentioned about the Mouse Chronicle do a weekly article on us, well they did not deliver.  Something more interesting came up for them to fill their pages and I was just too tired to follow-up.

We have started work on our Marketing for our business.  Our flyer is going out next week and the message is on focus and hitting all the needs of the specific segments as laid out in our business plan.  Our Internet Marketing Strategy is already in place with our website, twitter, facebook,and our YouTube video:

We are very proud of ourselves that in such a short time we have created an impact on the Internet and we are doing our best to embrace social media We are even being retweeted 🙂

LESSON – it’s all about the right attitude and self belief.  Check out this  free download of Napoleon HIll’s ‘Think & Grow Rich’ book from www.positivetalk.ie

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you can purchase our book online here too.

Millie 🙂

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One Response to Learning as you Go

  1. Lorna - says:

    Oh, I know all about trying to switch off from the business, particularly when working from home.
    Am really looking forward to seeing a hard copy of the book.

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