How Social Media helps businesses to help themselves

We cannot believe how effective Twitter is as part of our Internet Marketing Strategy.  We have over 250 followers and there is a real community feel to Twitter, even more so than on Facebook.  Everybody is passing on very useful information from the Dalai Lama to experts in Social Media.

There is lingo to Twitter like RT means ReTweet and we found that people are actually ReTweeting what we are saying.  We also got some people asking about the shop when it is opening, what we sell, if we will sell online.  And when we asked what does #FF mean we got an immediate response from Wise Mona telling us how it works.

By the way if you do not know what #FF means it is called ‘Follow Friday’.  What this means is that on a Friday you list your interesting Followers and suggest them to other people.  Can you believe we got mentioned three times as an interesting pair to follow.  I think they like the fact that we are different.

But the most important part of Twitter is that you can connect or follow any one you like.  We found an Irish lady working in New York who we would be delighted in connecting with down the road when we look at franchising out The Cheese Mall.  We are currently following her at the moment and she is following us.  How cool is that?

We will start using Twitter to draw customers in and letting them know the personality behind The Cheese Mall.  If you are in business and you are not using Twitter you are really missing out.  Not because of business but because of the incredible information and insight that is been given freely over this medium every second.

It’s all high adrenalin at the moment and Twitter is providing light relief for us because we are having so much fun with it and thinking about how best to use it.  I think we are becoming a bit addicted to it as we discovered and got a score of 30.

What we really like about social media is that while some people will answer our queries, we will be able to answer other people’s questions particularly if they are wondering about how best to tackle a business plan or how to do market research or understand market segmentation. These phrases can seem terrifying at first but we really grasped the nettle and by working together, we applied these concepts to our business plan and succeeded in getting funding.

LESSON– We will ask our customers what they want to see on our Twitter and Facebook pages rather than just using them as a medium to promote our business. These are engagement tools and we need to engage in a more meaningful way. People can ask us questions too regarding our marketing strategies

Cheers Millie 🙂

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