Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail

Lots of things happened which are too detailed to go into but the bottom line is we were just too ambitious about the opening day of The Cheese Mall on 1st August 2011.  We put too much pressure on ourselves, on our builder on our suppliers even dare I say on our bank and we were physically and emotionally exhausted this week.

Its like everything happened to help us!  The printer did not print off the flyers with the opening date.  The advertisers are still waiting on our go ahead.  Some of the suppliers could not meet our deadline and the best thing of all to happen to us was that The Cheese Factory goes on holidays for the first two weeks in August so every one goes away in Mouseville and it is traditionally quiet for retail.

At one time during the week I thought my head was going to explode and Matthew wasn’t able to sleep.  Now he is back to his usual fun self and we are both relieved.  A valuable lesson learned by the two of us.  You know we are novices to retail and of course it makes sense not to open a shop when everybody is gone away on holiday but we will make mistakes along the way and we have to learn as we go.

While we put so much work into preparing our business plan for the bank manager and securing funding for our business, it was frustrating to realise that we should have put as much preparation into the planning for our open day to ensure everything went according to plan.  Marketing isn’t just about preparing a business plan, it is also about preparation for sales, preparing for the opening of your business.

LESSON – when you worry all your creativity goes out the window and you cannot solve the problem.  Ask yourself what is the worse case scenario here?  Sometimes the worse case scenario is not as terrible as you might think.

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Until next blog post, Millie

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