Recruiting the Right Staff

Lots of things going on at the moment between the building, suppliers, furniture and not to mention Matthew’s nightmare – recruiting staff.  I told him I would take this task on because when we were putting our business plan together he became quite stressed about recruiting the right people. I was emphasising the importance of hiring the right people to deliver our brand promise.

With all the redundancies at the Cheese Factory we are tapping in to some of the really good staff who were there and the company made them redundant because they were last in – like Matthew and I.

We are talking on Fred and Rose who will run our cafe.  Fred will also look after the cookery demonstrations.  Mum is coming on board as our Office Manager and will look after the administration and finances.

We are also going to take on Cheryl and I think she will end up as our Store Manager because she is so flexible.  When Matthew and I approached Cheryl her whole attitude was ‘whatever you need me to do guys’ and she is over the moon about coming on board.

Matthew and I will work in the shop so that we can engage with our customers and find out what they really want from us.

Matthew wants to buy a copy of Feargal Quinn’s Crowning the Customer book for the staff  to read so that they can see what it really means to be customer centric.  I cannot believe the transformation in Matthew as he is so energised about working with our staff and making them feel part of our company.

LESSON – when recruiting staff recruit for ‘Attitude’ because skills can be acquired and knowledge can be learned.

Cheers, Millie 🙂

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