It’s all coming together

It’s a great feeling when all things come together and you feel you are on top of everything.  Well, that is how it felt this week.  So many aspects of our business plan are coming to fruition which is a great feeling. Mr. Grudge our Bank Manager is really coming up trumps.   He was so serious when we met him first but now we look on him more like a partner in the business.  I can’t believe I am actually saying this about a Bank Manager but it’s true.

Initially I was complaining about the bank putting us through the hoops but Mr. Grudge really made us aware of what were we were getting ourselves into.  I know it is all part of the risk involved but we were and still are very positive about our decision.  Even my mum and dad are more relaxed about what we are doing and I think even very proud of us. I have to say Matthew is very good on the operational side of the business and he believes I am better at the marketing side so we are working this way now and it is going very well.

The Mouse Chronicle wants to do a regular feature on both myself and Matthew and use us as an example for other budding entrepreneurs.  What can I say – free publicity like this does not come often and we are just thrilled.  It was part of our marketing plan to try for some free publicity so I’m delighted that it is paying off.

The photographer took a nice picture of us outside of The Cheese Mall.  We do not look like real entrepreneurs as I was in my ug boots and denim skirt and Matthew was in his torn jeans but at the end of the day this is us.  Mum was horrified and said we should have come home and got dressed up in our best business suits but I do not agree.  I think the more natural we are the more we will appeal to our customers because at the end of the day this is who we really are.

LESSON – focus on your business partner’s strengths and decide who is best to take care of different areas of the business.  Pushing someone into something they are not comfortable with is bad for business and bad for your relationship.

Cheers, Millie 🙂

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