Getting Started in Business

Matthew put a tweet up to say that the business is taking over our lives. It kinda feels like that.  We are so immersed in every detail of what needs to be done that at one stage I had to walk out.  I was just overwhelmed about all the decisions that had to be made even down to the plug points.  Guess it’s jitters.

We started looking at shop fittings, recruitment of staff, inventory and Lorna our Interior Designer went off with the architect to work on the drawings for the shop fitting.

We had to take a decision to put the Cheese Museum on hold.  Matthew said we could get some real PR when we were up and running when we launch the museum.  I have to say he is really thinking like a marketing man now. He knows all the marketing jargon such as ‘marketing mix’, ‘marketing audit’, ‘market segmentation’, ‘social media marketing’, ‘network marketing’, ‘how to build a brand’, and more. I’m really impressed with him – he’s becoming quite the marketing guru.

We had to also call in a wine expert and I have signed up to do one of their courses.  None of the local shops give wine advice and we are going to do wine tasting evenings and talks.

I picked up some really cool aprons from the internet.  They are so trendy and will be great for the staff as will have the cheese mall logo on them.

We are starting to get letters, emails from suppliers.  How do they learn so quickly that we are open for business?  There was a real cute guy in today from a wholesaler and we got on very well.  Matthew said he was flirting with me to get the business and here I was thinking that he actually liked me.

LESSON – you have to give yourself some time off.  Working all the time wears you out no matter how much you are enjoying it. 

Don’t forget to check out our The Cheese Mall website  follow us on facebook  and twitter. If you haven’t read our book yet on how we followed various marketing advice to start and launch our business, you can purchase it here as an ebook or as a paperback.

Cheers, Millie 🙂


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