Keeping the Bank Happy

We had a really tough week and the bank is back to us looking for more information.  Well more information from my dad as he is going guarantor and both he and our financial adviser are working hard to limit his liability.  It’s scary stuff and to be honest some times I feel sick in my tummy.

We visited shop or should I say shell over the weekend.  It was a small supermarket before which sold everything and when the big boys came to town it just could not compete.  We, however, are competing with the big boys because their approach is very impersonal and our’s is going to be all about our customer and putting them at the centre of everything that we do. Our customer relationship management styles are going to be second to none.

I picked up a book recently entitled Crowning the Customer by Feargal Quinn.  You know he could have been writing about our shop because all that we said that we were going to do, he already did it to great success.

I looked him up on the internet and it appears he sold his retail empire Superquinn a few years ago for over 400 million EuroCat.  Matthew really liked this idea of us building an empire and selling it on and he is really looking forward to putting in place all the ideas and suggestions Feargal made in his book.

All my friends are going away for the weekend but I am working.  I know this worry and anxiety will fade away as The Cheese Mall comes to life.  It is really a very exciting time for me and I just know it is going to be a great success.

LESSON – we may be novices to retail and perhaps it is good that we are naive because taking on the big boys is certainly keeping us focused.

Don’t forget to check out our The Cheese Mall website  follow us on facebook  and twitter. If you haven’t read our book yet on how we followed various marketing advice to start and launch our business, you can purchase it here as an ebook or as a paperback.

Cheers, Millie 🙂


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