Our Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Our inspiration has been and always will be the decent hardworking entrepreneurs in the world who started their business not knowing where they would end up.  We are beginning our own entrepreneurial journey and putting the final touches to our Business Plan.  We started out with an idea and our dreams and aspirations just got bigger and bigger.

The funny thing was when we started to think about opening a shop we had no capital to set up The Cheese Mall and decided to go all out and approach the Bank.  We both agreed that at the end of the day they can only say ‘Yes or No’.  Matthew and I are very philosophical about it while our parents are beside themselves and still are with worry.  But we remembered what our dearest Gran use to always say ‘if it is for you, it will not pass you’.

I said to Matthew that I wanted to write this blog to tell our story to budding entrepreneurs.  It will be so cool if others share their experiences as we are all in it together right, even though we may not be in the same type of business.

We’ll let you know how we get on with aspects such as the marketing mix, working out our market segments, deciding on our customer relationship management, not to mention working out our social media marketing and our financial implications too. All good fun!

I may be busy for a while as the Business Plan needs to be completed.  This is just the beginning and my dad keeps telling us our lives will never be the same again.  That can be both comforting and scary but hey we are up for it.

LESSONIf we knew what is ahead of us we probably would not start.  Some entrepreneurs have reached such heights that it must have been an incredible journey for them.

Cheers, Millie 🙂



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